Finally we have our official discord channel! Yes! Now we can voice chat while playing.

This is the step by step tutorial for discord and also contains the rules and regulations of our discord chat. If you break the rules, there might be chances of you getting banned. So read them carefully. Ask moderators if you are in confusion.

How to install Discord?
Check this video –>here<– first and install discord

How to join the Discord Channel?

Press the “Add channel button” (Plus sign) and click on “Join a server”. Then it will ask for a code, put this link in the code:

[Image: e745d97adc9c4cf7a6f06968f8bf8743.png]

[Image: df0516fd77234abcad20348a0cc9094c.png]

[Image: c470cae198f84194bb408fd6c7e006fd.png]

I cannot join any channels!\

Thats true. To stop spamming and keep strangers away, there is a verification process. You can join only 1 channel, that is with the name “#Join_Requests” (See image)

[Image: 3a6e976953334b499a59ca4bd520f2b6.png]

Now type in a message that says something link “Hi, I am player X! I want to join the server!” An admin will verify that request and will grant you permission to the other channels. This may take up to 24 hours. And also make sure that your username is same as the username of your game. Otherwise, you won’t be counted in.

Rules and regulations


There are some rules of the chat. If you fail to abide by them, you might get banned.


1) Be gentle and friendly. 
2) Be modest
3) No sexual/drug reference
4) Always watch your language. Be as clean as you can.
5) Do whatever a moderator asks you to do.
6) Racism/harassment may result ban from game.
7) Do not spam
8) Do not advertise
9) Do not impersonate any player/moderator.


We have an ingame bot, That bot is always watching you and your language and it is able to kick you anytime if you don’t listen to it. So try to abide by the rules.


Additional info:


1) Make sure you have a good mic
2) Make sure you are not annoying anyone with unnecessary noise. So try to enable push_to_talk (Search in google)


Hope all of this be fun to you. I am interested to see how the game would look like with voice chat.
Written by Dark CoderPlayer and Moderator for Survius Forums 

Posted by DTOM

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