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Hello fellow survivors!

Here is a guide how to play Survius; the different controls and interactions, and a few things you should keep in mind while playing the game.


Here are the default controls. All controls can be changed in the game.

-Player Movement: WASD

-Look: Mouse

-Run: Shift + W

-Jump: Space-bar

-Crouch: Control (CTRL)

-Pick Up Objects/Interact: E

Crafting Menu: C

-Map: M

-Toggle Inventory: TAB

-Chat: Y

-Equip Flashlight: 1

-Equip Melee: 2

-Equip Pistol: 3

-Equip Crossbow: 4

-Ready Weapon/Tools: RIGHT CLICK

-Swing/Shoot/Turn On: LEFT CLICK

-Zoom: Mouse 3/Scroll Wheel

-Toggle Surrender Mode: Scroll Lock

-Help/Controls Menu: F1

-Exit Controls Menu: Esc

Surrender mode

Surrender Mode

Pressing “Scroll Lock” will enter you into surrender mode. This is useful if you get overrun by a group of players, or get cornered while scavenging. This mode allows you to negotiate with the players that hold you up.

When entering surrender mode your player will put his hands up in the air. It also ensures that you are not vulnerable to bullets or melee attacks.

The downside is that other players will have access to the full contents of your back pack and that you will be stuck in surrender mode for at least 180 seconds. Afterwards you can press “scroll lock” again to exit surrender mode. The second you lower your hands, you are vulnerable again to bullets and melee attacks.



You can hunt deer to obtain raw meat and cloth. The buck (male deer) has a darker coat of fur with a wrack of horns and the Doe (female deer) have a lighter coat of fur with no horns. Both the Buck and the Doe drop the same amount of cloth and raw meat; 2 raw meat, 1 cloth. Deer are scattered throughout the island and are primarily found in the more dense Forrest areas on the map.

For now you will have to use a pistol and a crossbow to hunt them. They are a one shot kill, but they can be startled easily. They are best approached from the crouch position which will allow you to get closer to them before they get startled and take off running. Killing and harvesting a deer will give you cloth and raw meet. Click “here” for more details.

Campfire Menu


To interact with the campfire, you need to look at it and press E. You can then toggle the fire on and off. Click the grill slots and or canteen slots to add any raw meat and/or dirty canteens you have in your inventory. After a cooking time of 120 seconds you can take the grilled meat and canteens off by clicking the slot again. You don’t need to keep the campfire interface open for the meat/canteens to finish. You will however need to keep the fire burning by repairing it with one wood log when it requires a repair.



During the day, zombies are pretty passive and will only attack you when they spot you. They can be killed with one shot from either the crossbow/pistol, or 2-3 swings with a melee weapon.

During the nights however the zombies will become more active and will attack you randomly. It might be best to stay indoors, or in Forrest areas.

Air Drops


In the game you will notice a Chinook helicopter pass over head once a day. This helicopter will drop a storage box at random which will contain the following items.

Scrap Metal



Filled Canteens (Clean)

It is up to the player to make it to the drop first before it’s raided by other players. The drops can be identified by the red smoke that is emitted from the storage box. The smoke can be seen from a good distance as it rises above the trees. Once it has been raided the storage box can be destroyed with either 5 or 20 swings of and Axe

Important: Air Drops are currently the only way to obtain scrap metal (other than stealing from or trading with other players).


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