Health System; The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

In Survius there are 8 parts to the health system; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Good (Positive effect on health) -Healing: After taking on damage from zombies, illnesses, and other players you will need to heal. A players screen can still show red even after they have cured the condition that had a negative impact on their health. *A red screen is an indicator of low health*. If […]

Interactive Survius Map!

That’s right! This map of your favorite game is interactive. Click on the link to access the full Survius map and explore. This map will give you locations of places that you will not find on the in_game map as well as detailed descriptions and pictures. All suggestions and opinions are welcome in the comments section; that means any ideas that you think will improve the map. Enjoy! Click “Survius iMap” […]

Crafting; What You Need to Know Basics

To better your chances at survival you will need to take advantage of the crafting menu. The crafting menu can be accessed by pressing “C”. The game currently has 19 craftable items to offer which are depicted and described as follow: Part 1; Campfire, Tent, Folded Tent, Trap A Campfire Uses: Source of light, cooking raw deer meat, & boiling dirty water canteens (to make a filled canteen of clean water. […]

Items; Weapons and Tools

How To Use: The pistol can be equipped by pressing “3”. To ready the pistol “right click” and to shoot “left click. Gun clips will automatically load upon picking them up if you do not already have a clip loaded, otherwise you can reload by pressing “R”. Pistols can be used to kill zombies, deer, and other players. Found: Pistols & clips can both be found in and around buildings and cars […]

Items; Eating Drinking and Growing to Survive.

Use: Can be consumed to prevent dehydration. Found: These items can be found in and around buildings or can be obtained from looting crates and dropped backpacks. ________________________________________________________________________________________     Use: Can be eaten to stave off hunger. Found: These items can be found in and around buildings or can be obtained from looting crates and dropped backpacks. ________________________________________________________________________________________   Use: Used to collect water which can then be drank to […]

Clan Management

One of the games attributes is that you will have the options to either join a clan or create your own (you can also just play solo). So what is a clan? A clan is a group of gamers who play as a group or team. The clan can be official and enabled through the clan management page, or it may be an unofficial clan by mutual agreement. Clans may have […]

Navigating Survius; Know Where You’re At

When your in the game you can access the map by pressing “M”. You’ll notice right away that the map does not display your current location and only gives you the lay of land with 10 names of different places. So how do you know where you are at? To find out where you are you’ll have to do some exploring until you find a landmark that you can associate the […]

Controls & Gameplay

Topics Covered Controls, Surrender Mode, Hunting, Campfire Menu, Zombies, Air Drops Hello fellow survivors! Here is a guide how to play Survius; the different controls and interactions, and a few things you should keep in mind while playing the game. Controls Here are the default controls. All controls can be changed in the game. -Player Movement: WASD -Look: Mouse -Run: Shift + W -Jump: Space-bar -Crouch: Control (CTRL) -Pick Up Objects/Interact: […]

In Game Voice Chat *Discord*

Finally we have our official discord channel! Yes! Now we can voice chat while playing. This is the step by step tutorial for discord and also contains the rules and regulations of our discord chat. If you break the rules, there might be chances of you getting banned. So read them carefully. Ask moderators if you are in confusion. How to install Discord? Check this video –>here<– first and install discord […]

Rules and Regulations

This game has a few basic rules. Failing to comply to them can result in a warning, kick or ban depending on the offense. IMPORTANT: First and foremost, please only create one account per person. If you end up getting banned it’s a nightmare to unban all connected accounts. Really, it’s best for all if you just play on one account. Complete list of rules (in alphabetical order for convenience): -Abusing bugs/glitches […]